Photographs: Freezing time, Preserving Memories

If I am to find myself inside a burning house, of the first things I and (my mom) would rescue are the photo albums. In a time of duress, I would prioritize saving the memories that I have made of my time here on Earth for they matter to me on an existential level.

An old Chinese belief says that a picture is worth a thousand words. As a traveler, the value of photographs cannot be understated. Photographs tell the stories that words are not sufficient to describe. They give meaning to narrations of experience and transport you to places you’ve never been.

The photos I take from the places I go communicate the memory and emotions that I have. They immortalize my experiences in places of wonder and beauty so that I may never forget them despite the passing of time. They preserve the colors so that I may always see and marvel at them despite the great distance I can’t always cross. They expand my horizon when I feel confined and stuck during the time of claustrophobia in the walls of my daily routines. They serve as a portal for an immediate escape.

Cherry Blossoms-5911

In my experience of traveling the Asian countries, Japan is one of those places that caught my heart. In April 2017 as the season of spring came, my trip to the Kansai region was one that was filled with memories I shall cherish for the rest of my life through the photos that I took.


Why I Travel

I am a young professional and I live in a world where STRESS is but a common thing. While I do have full satisfaction in my career and the things that I do for a living, it isn’t always just rainbows and butterflies. It’s also an abyss of stress that you can spiral your way down into.

I get scolded by my boss all the time, I have difficulty meeting the deadlines, and I also have trouble with people in the workplace. I’m just like any normal employee. I spent some time thinking, and I knew that stress eventually would find a way to exhaust my sanity. That’s when I decided to travel. Continue reading “Why I Travel”

Late for Cherry Blossoms

In my years of traveling the Asian countries, Japan is the one place that caught my heart. This April, as the season of spring came, my trip to Japan was one that is filled with experiences that I shall cherish for the rest of my life.

The Cherry Blossoms


Japan is known for having the best cherry blossom views in spring, not only in Asia but in the whole world. It has in its lands the widest and most varied collection of cherry blossoms, also known as Sakura (in Japanese). When I arrived in Nagoya on April 18, 2017, I encountered what I would say I huge struggle.

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Mt. Daraitan: A Hike to Remember

The hidden wonders of the mountainous province of Rizal gave me so much amazement and brought out the wanderlust in me.

Like, did I know that Mt. Daraitan in Rizal holds more than its visibly lush green forests filled with rewarding viewpoints of caves, springs, natural pools, and limestone formations? NO I didn’t!

Did I know that there’s such a place as Tinipak Limestone formation in Rizal, so virgin and unexplored that it puts the tourists of Kapurpurawan a run for their money? NO I didn’t!

Did I know that trekking in the dead of night and seeing absolutely nothing beyond the beam of my flashlight, hearing only the wailing of winds, rustling of leaves, constant chirping of crickets and God knows what else, weren’t a bit scarier than a day hike? NO I didn’t!

Each place definitely has its own story to tell. See and listen to them, and admire the beauty in their simplicity. I surely know things now that I never knew before. As I continue to traverse the mountains, cross the rivers and trudge on the trails, I find out that there’s always something new in store for adventurers like me. Perhaps it is true that when you take a walk into the woods, you come out taller than the trees.